Saturday, May 19, 2007


When Trupti announced her Spring Fling event in February I had already made up my mind about what I was going to add to her wonderful event. Actually I found a recipe that week and the result was awesome:-) Even though there are lots of experienced & wonderful bloggers who are participating still I want to give my best shot to win the awesome package Trupti has put together;-) hey you never know;-P

Ok so I found this Pizza recipe on Coffee’s blog which was originally Anita’s recipe and coffee did a great job posting pictures for people like me who read the recipe, save it but one day just standing in the kitchen think of trying it;-) Can’t go to the computer for recipe because then kids will start running after and that could be the end of cooking session;-) Thanks coffee & Anita for this great recipe. We haven’t ordered Pizza since I tried your recipe:-)

I was thinking of posting it in feb but somehow couldn’t. Now since 2 weeks I am thinking that I will post it tomorrow but here I am posting it almost on the last day. But its good thing that I waited because Gudiya is on food strike since more than a week and yesterday she was watching tv while I was forcing her to eat. As soon as pizza ad came on she said “I mant (yes, mant) Pizza.. I mant pizza.” So I decided to make it today and I am glad I did because A & I had so much fun making it.. take a look at the pics & you will know what I am talking about;-)

Why heart shape pizza? cuz A was in love with heart shape things:-)

This is my contribution to Trupti's
Update: I add the pics with tomato & Olive pizza since the spring Fling is veg event:-) After looking at olive pizza pic I am thinking of making my next pizza a desert pizza with Jam & blueberries;-) What do you think? good idea?