Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Self control...

Y’day was my Monday’s fast & this morning I was thinking that I should eat everyday like y’day.. Had 2 cups of tea & around 2 I had meal..

2 big rotis,1/2 serving spoon rice with gits rasam & bhindi..
Had tea around 3 again.

Didn’t get hungry till night but was itching to eat something;-) This morning I decided to take it easy with food & had only cup of tea but after dropping off A I wanted another cup of tea and gave in for garlic pizza;-) well its not as big as regular pizza but I ate 2garlic & 1 hot pepper slice.. This is small Indian style Pizza and 3 slices are equivalent to 1-11/2 slices of regular pizza.

Maybe I should try alternate days pretending like I am keeping vrat;-)

Friday, October 20, 2006

Thursday, October 19, 2006


No exercise y’day either:-(


Tea & later I had ½ hotdog bun with turkey, ham & roasted garlic cheese (I am out of bread:-)

Chinese- first time I ordered steamed chicken with mixed veg but they gave the sauce with it so little bit of that but I missed my regular pool of sauce in the dish.. lol
And Egg drop soup

Another cup of tea around 3:30

Dinner- rice with egg cury

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Y’day went fine too beside the fact that I couldn’t do any exercise y’day either. By the time kids go to bed I am too tired to even think about exercising. Anyway here what I ate y’day..

Cup of tea with small hot pocket

1cup Rice& kadi (I can eat this every day:-)

Turkey & Ham sandwich with ½ slice of horseradish
Cheese & ½ slice of roasted garlic cheese in 1 hotdog bun
(try the garlic cheese if you haven’t yet)

Another cup of tea around 4

Egg Curry with 1cup rice & 1 roti
1 spoon egg salad to taste:-)

I had Breakfast around 9 & by 10 o’clock I was hungry again but I kept myself busy cuz I eat out of boredom. Time went quickly and by 12 o’clock I still wasn’t hungry:-) Any other day I would’ve eaten egg salad full of mayo but y’day I made egg cury. It might be very rich dish itself but I was full & satisfied and even now the next morning I am having just cup of tea instead of hot pocket or something else with it.

Monday, October 16, 2006


the first post here;-) I am very bad at dieting & all so that explains the delay:-) Actually I tried to eat right the week before Navratras but didn’t work then I kept all vrats and ate lots of allu’s and then just ate more bad food during last few days.. Well even more than I could eat:-(

Anyways today I was determined but I have to make lots of changes in my lifestyle especially these

1. Start eating proper meals cuz lately I eat anything , anytime & every time kids eat.

2. Start eating home made food instead of ordering every day.

3. Drink lots of water.

4. Do 15 miles walk video every week.

5. And reduce my tea consumption.

Today I didn’t order pizza like every Monday.. I made rice pulav for everybosy else & boiled rice for me(take the water out). Made Kadi without pakoras, nutree-peas, Missi roti & regular roti. It was for lunch & dinner.

So far I had

cup of tea

3 bites of missi roti while feeding Gudiya


½ serving spoon pulav

1 cup boied rice-kadi

½ missi roti with achaar

½ plain roti with nutree-peas

3 spoons yogurt

Another cup of tea around 4:30.

Dinner will be same as lunch. Maybe with additional karela dish.

I still have to do exercise.

I will try to post my menu for couple of days whenever I can so that I can look back and make something similar later on.

Feel free to leave any feedback, tips or diet recipes you have.

P.S Even though I call it diet, its not diet cuz I can’t stop eating food:-) so just gonna watch what I eat, proportion check & add exercise in my routine but I am going to eat everything;-)