Monday, October 16, 2006


the first post here;-) I am very bad at dieting & all so that explains the delay:-) Actually I tried to eat right the week before Navratras but didn’t work then I kept all vrats and ate lots of allu’s and then just ate more bad food during last few days.. Well even more than I could eat:-(

Anyways today I was determined but I have to make lots of changes in my lifestyle especially these

1. Start eating proper meals cuz lately I eat anything , anytime & every time kids eat.

2. Start eating home made food instead of ordering every day.

3. Drink lots of water.

4. Do 15 miles walk video every week.

5. And reduce my tea consumption.

Today I didn’t order pizza like every Monday.. I made rice pulav for everybosy else & boiled rice for me(take the water out). Made Kadi without pakoras, nutree-peas, Missi roti & regular roti. It was for lunch & dinner.

So far I had

cup of tea

3 bites of missi roti while feeding Gudiya


½ serving spoon pulav

1 cup boied rice-kadi

½ missi roti with achaar

½ plain roti with nutree-peas

3 spoons yogurt

Another cup of tea around 4:30.

Dinner will be same as lunch. Maybe with additional karela dish.

I still have to do exercise.

I will try to post my menu for couple of days whenever I can so that I can look back and make something similar later on.

Feel free to leave any feedback, tips or diet recipes you have.

P.S Even though I call it diet, its not diet cuz I can’t stop eating food:-) so just gonna watch what I eat, proportion check & add exercise in my routine but I am going to eat everything;-)


Trupti said...

Just linked in from another blog of yours which I found very resonant of my life...I too have two kids, 3.5 yrs and 1 yr old both boys...and I am still trying to lose all the weight though I am halfway there...I have found that including lots of dairy and water throughout the day helps...and yes, reducing the tea consumption is a must! I have been drinking flavored water to reduce the cravings..Crystal Light is a good choice. I have reduced my rotis to 2,and have cut out rice alltogether...this has made a tremendous change. I am also eating a lot of yogurt...
I wish you all the best. I will be making frequent visits to your blog to see how you're doing. All the best!


mommyof2 said...

Thanks Trupti:-)Drinking water is not problem for me as long as I remember to drink it;-)And I have this thing for hot stuff and tea sooths me heavenly:-) Lately I realized that 2 cups are enough for me and rest 2 I just drink cuz I want to feel relaxed so y’day I worked on that:-)

And we eat Indian food only on Mondays (veg day) but I need to add more cuz it satisfies me for a long time. So if you have any other tips regarding, just let me know:-) Will definitely start taking yogurt. How about flavored ones?

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you've started writing on this blog of yours....I peek inot it everyday in hopes to read something......

same anon that reads your baby-mom blog everyday :-)

lots of luck and hoping that you'll post your pic.....a transformed G soon ;-))

mommyof2 said...

Thanks anon:-)I am hoping for the transformation myself for years now;-) but yeah if I see a big difference I can post a headless pic of