Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Self control...

Y’day was my Monday’s fast & this morning I was thinking that I should eat everyday like y’day.. Had 2 cups of tea & around 2 I had meal..

2 big rotis,1/2 serving spoon rice with gits rasam & bhindi..
Had tea around 3 again.

Didn’t get hungry till night but was itching to eat something;-) This morning I decided to take it easy with food & had only cup of tea but after dropping off A I wanted another cup of tea and gave in for garlic pizza;-) well its not as big as regular pizza but I ate 2garlic & 1 hot pepper slice.. This is small Indian style Pizza and 3 slices are equivalent to 1-11/2 slices of regular pizza.

Maybe I should try alternate days pretending like I am keeping vrat;-)


TS said...

Vrats are something I don't do, especially if I am dieting....dont know why but it just messes up the already slow metabolism....I have been walking everyday and doing some abdominal sit-ups, that has been keeping me energized! I have invested in a Mp3player so I can listen to some upbeat songs while I exercise!
And of course, I will post some low-cal recipes and some tips of mine on my blog! you take care and keep at it girl! you'll get there!


artnavy said...

vrats should be done maahrashtrian or gujju style- u get to eat such delightful food

mommyof2 said...

lol@artnavy. You are right.. I used to keep the same fast with no salt rule and eat after 5 in the eve but here I met an auntie who eats everything just one time a day doesn't matter the time so now I do it that way:-)

Kalpana said...

Check out for any diet cheese. That might help if u have pizza with cheese. These days I too started some diet which I donno whether I'll be following or not. Just eating fruits, Chapathi's(no oil), ofcourse with delicious curries(made with less oil), buttermilk. Trying as much as possible to stop eating rice and sugar. I need to c in a month what will happen. Hope this will help me out. Can't avoid tiffins like Idli and Dosa. To see.