Friday, October 20, 2006

Happy Deepavali

From our family to yours.... :-)


TS said...

I hope you had a good Diwali too! You had asked about flavored yogurts, yep, those are nice, I look for the ones that have an active culture in it like Activia/Cardivia brand, don't know if you get that in the US,here in Canada,its a popular brand. It promotes better digestion...and they also keep you feeling satisfied! I am also trying to exercise much more now but I find that kids make me run around so much that I am half dead towards the end of the day, But...I will keep trying!
Good luck to to you later,


mommyof2 said...

Checked out ur blog.. really nice:-
)Keep posting great recipes & maybe few low cal too, even though in india food nothing is low cal;-)

What kind of exercise do u do? I have videos with pile of dust on them now:-)

Thanks for visiting again.