Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Y’day went fine too beside the fact that I couldn’t do any exercise y’day either. By the time kids go to bed I am too tired to even think about exercising. Anyway here what I ate y’day..

Cup of tea with small hot pocket

1cup Rice& kadi (I can eat this every day:-)

Turkey & Ham sandwich with ½ slice of horseradish
Cheese & ½ slice of roasted garlic cheese in 1 hotdog bun
(try the garlic cheese if you haven’t yet)

Another cup of tea around 4

Egg Curry with 1cup rice & 1 roti
1 spoon egg salad to taste:-)

I had Breakfast around 9 & by 10 o’clock I was hungry again but I kept myself busy cuz I eat out of boredom. Time went quickly and by 12 o’clock I still wasn’t hungry:-) Any other day I would’ve eaten egg salad full of mayo but y’day I made egg cury. It might be very rich dish itself but I was full & satisfied and even now the next morning I am having just cup of tea instead of hot pocket or something else with it.

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