Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Another Cookie Day

Today was another cookie day cuz the heart cookie was gone in 2 days:-) This time I used a little milk instead of all Ghee(Next time putting extra ghee:-). Suppose to use ½ cup sugar but by mistake I put only half of that still it came out fine. I was thinking kids might not like it cuz of less sweet but A didn’t say anything and ate 2 cookies.. I like that much sugar too:-) Couldn't believe how much unnecessary sugar goes in the body. Still I had backup; frosting:-) I did put it just for decoration:-)

I was browsing and saw finger shape cookies. Needless to say it is more fun eating any shape cookie.. Even though they were creepy looking I like them. Didn't have patience to do all of them into finger shape so I cut rest of the dough into triangle, square, rectangle & circle:-)

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