Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Something Indian

(This is the same post from my other blog. I thought of posting it here again since it was food related & my entry for Coffee's MBP)

When I got pregnant with Gudiya things related to housework took a different turn. Hubby always prefer American stuff, no masalas or hot & spicy stuff, and it require very less work but during this pregnancy I didn’t feel like eating non-veg and I was too tired to cook 2 different meals cuz I used to feel nauseous all day long. The craving was just too much to ignore. Fortunately that time a guy opened a new shop in Jersey City. I went to that place couple of times & asked what other veg they cook & when. He said that he could cook whatever I like as long as I call him few hr. advance. That solved the purpose:-) We ordered from that guy for a long time even after Gudiya was born. It was worth it cuz if I think about going to Indian market, buy vegetable, cut it and make it with 2 crying kid, I loose interest even before eating That guy was Gujarati and I got to taste some good traditional dished too. And that time I mostly liked methi & saag dishes, which require lots of & rinsing so it seemed worth to order it:-)

Then that guy had to close his place but by that time I was ok with non-veg and we have a special place for non-veg food and we were fine. For a long time we ate outside food every meal of the day.. Actually I did. Kids were getting their stuff like chicken nuggets, mashed dal & kichdi (they didn’t prefer this though). Hubby was getting his sandwiches, egg salad and tuna salad, which requires very less time. I used to cook big pack of 2 kinds of different meats & make 2-3 side dishes on weekend, and hubby was all set for few days with additional chinese food & pizza take-outs:-). Kids are like hubby too. They prefer American food to Indian. They love all the sandwiches, egg salad & chicken. Every time I make paratha, any veg or dal, I end up eating that.

I don’t make resolutions but this year I though I have to try something otherwise my kids will never develop a taste for Indian food (Keshi are you reading this? Forcing the first generation;-). In our house we cook Indian food only on Mondays cuz that day I keep fast but even then my hubby & kids don’t eat Indian food. I usually order pizza or make khichdi (they like it) for them. But now I have to force my kids:-) So I decided to make 1 new dish every week and if it’s a hit I will write it down for Gudiya:-)

Last night hubby & I had talk about this

“Because of you we don’t cook Indian food. Before I used to think that I don’t want to cook all that just for me but now kids are becoming like you too so I have to do something. I don’t care if you want to or not; you HAVE to eat new dishes. I will pick the ones that you guys like & make a collection of atleast 365 dishes and I will leave those recipes for Gudiya:-)”

“Ok but will SHE use it or A:-)”

“I don’t care. Both will get a copy and if she doesn’t want to cook she can tell her hubby that I want that dish on page# 24 and he will cook for her;-)”

“OK, as long as you make Italian or Mexican food, I will eat ”

I didn’t get chance to make any new dish for weeks but since last week Im on roll:-) First I tried Coffee’s dhokla

Then Asha’s falafel

Yesterday we had Trupti’s ragda patties

And today I made idli & kind of dosa from the leftover dhokla batter with some more urad dal in it and we had Asha’s chana dal chutney.

And tonight I made Asha's peanut chicken

This I have to cut in pieces instaed of on skewers cuz then I don't have to worry about them poking each other:-) Gudiya was asking for corn which I wanted to put it in the chicken but forgot so I just put it on top of the chicken.. She took few bites of this chicken mixed with rice. great recipe even though I didn't marinate it still It was great:-)

Even though I made last 2 dishes today, consider this made yesterday (in January;-) I am planning on posting this kind of post in the first week of every month. And until I get at least 365 dishes for my kids booklet there will be a post every month;-) They have to have something Indian in their life, right? or something to remember me by and all the food bloggers whose recipes they will be using (I hope:-) ;-)

P.S By chance I tried all starters, which is the theme of Coffee’s MBP:-) So this is my contribution to the event :-)

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