Friday, February 23, 2007

Butter Chicken

If you think about the most ingredients in Indian cooking, they are same in almost every dish. So the masala is same for every dish still some people make the subji ok but some make the same dishes very yummy:-) I made Butter chicken with Asha’s recipe and it came out very very good. I have tried it so many times before too but this was very tasty. Before I could taste the ingredients like onion & tomato but not this time:-) She is rigte when she said that she & Arvind tried so many different recipes for this but it was the best:-) I didn’t use any pepper at all & still didn’t feel the need, see it proves that it was great:-) Thanks Asha for sharing this yummy recipe and btw my next post is about another of ur recipe, can you guess which one;-).

My attempt to make tandoori roti with homemade pizza dough


Asha said...

YUM!!! I have added this blog to mine too.Looks great.Thanks for trying.

You are right about the same spices but diff taste.Today,I got a comment that my BBB is the same as somebody who is also from B'ore too.I told her the same.Ingredients are similar indeed but try mine and then let me know if it tastes the same!;D

I do feel happy that you are cooking and so well too G!I love you for that.I bet your kids will remember that and Aunt Asha too!:))

well..could it be Parathas? You know what? I got a Naan recipe from Paati and I am going to try and post it sometime later,but only if I like it.I don't want to post something which is not good enough for others.

Maheswari said...

Hey Butter chicken looks delicious..i too tired Asha's recipe..will post the pic. soon..Asha has so many reliable recipe right..:D.

Asha said...

Hi M!! Chicken Tikka masala eh?! Woo hoo!! Join the Indo-American kids' fav dish bandwagon,great news.Your plan is working!

I do have and use Ajwain.It's little different from US celery seeds,also called Indian Celery seed or Carom.It tastes pungent,I use only in snacks which are fried like Chaklis and Thattai/Nippattu.It's not absolutely necessary to use but I hear it's has health benefits.You can get it in Amazon.A small packet goes a long way,just a tsp at a time.

mommyof2 said...

no no Asha, I do have ajwain.. I wanted to try celery seeds but they look just like ajwain in pic so I wanted to know if they are same or different:-)

Thanks for replying:-)

Anonymous said...

Mommyof2, ur butter chicken looks mouth watering!!

trupti said...

Kahan ho tum??? hope all is well!


Kalpana said...

Hi, I tried Butter chicken using whipping cream when at USA. It tasted yummy. Your's too looks good. Dropped in from Mommyof2 blog.

mommyof2 said...

Thanks Jay:-)

Kalpana, its my blog;-)

thanks for asking Trupti:-)