Thursday, February 22, 2007


I did Udyapan on Monday after my 16 Monday fast. I usually keep these fast after 2-3 months break in between and even those months we eat vegetarian on Mondays. Its been really hard to find any veg dishes that kids & hubby like. Now I am always on look out for recipes to make my Mondays interesting with yummy veg food instead of making them force to eat.

About 2 weeks back I came across this. Made ketchup & green chutney sandwich for hubby and peanut butter & jelly sandwich for kids. Presentation does has a lot to do with wanting to eat more food:-) kids kept asking for more wheels;-) A had so much fun making it, so did I;-)

I made salad sandwich with tomato, cucumber, mayo, salt & black pepper for hubby. It is very refreshing sandwich, seriously, try it:-) and with spicy (my green chutney is killer) pinwheel rolls, fruit salad & some twisted snacks, it was yummy plate for him:-)

Kids plate with PBJ pinwheel rolls, twisted snack & whip cream with confetti on it (A thinks he is making ice cream;-) And anytime he makes something he try to finish it:-) So double fun for me; I get a helper and no nautanki while eating;-)


@ said...

wow! sounds like this transition into desi grub is going really well! good job A for making life easier for mommy.. thanks for the pinwheel link - I should try those...for myself ;)

mommyof2 said...

We are trying:-) Make sure to save some for Kodi too:-)It will melt in his mouth:-)

@ said...

Make sure to save some for Kodi too Naaah, he's more of an idli-dosa kinda person! maybe I'll make pinwheels out of dosa! thanks for the inspiration :)

Trupti said...

Cute pinwheels...I haven't tried them yet. Kids love it don't they?

Whipped cream...and Confetti! now that's a treat! :)


Manisha said...

Hey Mommyof2! I love how you took the idea of pinwheels and adapted it to the tastes of your little one! Very cool indeed!