Monday, April 23, 2007

Lunch Plate

The other day I came across Meeta’s Show Me Your Lunch box event. It was the 20th, the last day to submit the recipe and I was about to make lunch so I clicked few lunch plate pics but didn’t get chance to post or submit. Even though its 3 days late I thought of posting it anyway:-)
Hubby works for home, well kind of.. I usually make lunch & call him and he comes from the backdoor to take the plate downstairs. He wants something that not messy, easy to eat & can be eaten with fork or spoon.. If food require hands he wants only sandwiches, pizza but no desi food unless they meet the above guideline (pulav or Kchidi only;-).. .

I had cooked Turkey Burger the evening before. So his lunch was one Turkey Burger with Provolone cheese, onion, lettuce, yellow & honey mustard and horseradish sauce, 1 Ham sandwich & Mixed Berry Yogurt.

I had Garlic Shrimp with readymade potato salad but I wanted to eat something desi & hot so I added few spoons of Kchidi in my plate:-)

Kids had mixed things from both plates.. A had shrimp which he tried last week & loved it. I had made shrimp before too but he refused to eat because of this.. He had some potato salad & few bites of ham sandwich.. Gudiya had only cheese & ham..

Turkey Sandwich
Ground Turkey or any ground meat
Bell pepper or any pepper (I used different colored peppers & few Indian small chillies)
1T Yellow Mustard Sauce
1T Horseradish Sauce
2T Lemon Juice
Black Pepper
1T oil
Cheese (optional)

Mix everything. Make medium size balls, flatten it and cook in a pan with oil.

If you are using fresh cheese instead of dry, you can make 2 small meatballs & put the cheese in between & make a burger. Monterey Jack cheese goes great with this.

Garlic Shrimp
Lemon Juice (1-2T)
Salt & Black Pepper
Fresh Parsley

I add spoonful garlic in oil with salt & black pepper. In 4-5 seconds add the shrimp & lemon juice. It hardly takes 2-3 minutes on each side to get pink. Add few chopped parsley leaves & enjoy.


Asha said...

Oh my!! They all looks fabulous G! I love the first plate best,it's mouthwatering!

Ayesha Seerin said...

Boy!! You have different recipes out here ... Lovely

Food Processor said...

Great recipe!!I'll defiantly try it..Thanks!