Saturday, April 21, 2007


During my 2nd pregnancy I found a gujju place, which was newly opened and has really tasty dishes. I developed love for Undhiyu then and it was our regular dish for few weeks. When I saw Trupti’s recipe for Undhiyu I couldn’t wait to try. I got the readymade mix instead of fresh because I am the only one who eats Indian food and I didn’t want to bring 20 different things and throw them later. Beside that I wanted to go with authentic portion of each veg. Frozen pack worked good for me. I loved it the way it came out. I am experimenting more Gujju dishes and one day I will post a gujju thali here;-)

Thanks Trupti for sharing this authentic recipe:-)


Asha said...

Need some more colorful veggies there G!You know me,I love colors!:))

Other than that it looks great.You are the only one who eats Undhiyu? My kids don't like to eat some Indian food like dosa and idli but they love Parathas etc and any Indian chicken dishes. Arvind and I like any food as long it tastes good:)

I have Matki pulao at Aroma.Looking forward to more Gujju stuff you cook.I like Gujarati and Telugu food a lot.

mommyof2 said...

I didn't put haldi & tomato;-)After I made this I check on trupti's blog & saw she had tomato in the pic but I don't think it was in the recipe or I might have missed it;-) So that explains the color but it had great taste:-)

I am into authentic recipes so have to give ur khandavi recipe a try too:-)

I am like you guys too about eating any (salty) tasty food.. But once I went to Vaishno Devi and there I ate kadi that had smoke in it(by accident). I couldn't eat it but kadi is something I juust love & finish it even if it is very bad tasting;-)It was around 16 years back and I still have that taste in my mind. I even tried to make it that way but you can't get that indian